Homebodies (2009-2013) and Homebodies for Nylon (2016)

Homebodies chronicled visits—in photography and writing—to un-styled homes, with an interest in the ordinary.

Homebodies was also a column in Nylon magazine in 2016 and was based on a similar concept. 


Popular posts from Homebodies, the personal blog, include:

A visit with the filmmaker Jonas Mekas in Brooklyn, who uses photography like a notebook. "I scribble with my camera." 

A series on author Phillip Lopate, who shares his system for shelving books at home in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

The Manhattan home of jewelry designer Catherine Chung.

Graphic designer and typographer Jessica Fleischmann in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

The Manhattan home of architect David Ling



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 The filmmaker Jonas Mekas.

The filmmaker Jonas Mekas.